XML Sitemap Generator: Community Edition Reviews

The best sitemap solution
Thank you for the most simple and effective solution for the sitemap.xml generation”

— @eptinomy

Simple, complex and great!
Helped me in a few big content sites a lot, simple settings, nice code, … and work from the box. Thanx!”

— @andrewran

One of the best plugins
Thank you guys for your work!”

— @russtepanovsd12


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  1. Cathy Litton Avatar
    Cathy Litton

    Is the best XML Sitemaps for WordPress compared to Yoast SEO in terms of indexing. I have had blog sites for months using Yoast SEO, and I still have a few posts and pages indexed by Google, around 40 plus URLs. When I installed this plugin, Google indexed my site for almost 200 URLs in a few days. Thank you, I am looking forward to the latest!

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